Above the fold – Weil eh keiner scrollt

Nicht komplett, aber schon irgendwie falsch. Zwar nimmt die Scrolllust irgendwann ab, aber auch diese Aussage ist so nicht richtig. Es kommt drauf an.. Zielgruppe, Motivation, Content und mehr. Generell sagt man, dass die meiste Aufmerksamkeit above the fold liegt – aber einige Studien zeigen genau das Gegenteil.

Eine kleine Sammlung an Studien, die zum Denken anregen:

  • Chartbeat, a data analytics provider, analysed data from 2 billion visits and found that “66% of attention on a normal media page is spent below the fold.” – What You Think You Know About the Web Is Wrong
  • Heatmap service provider ClickTale analyzed almost 100.000 pageviews. The result: people used the scrollbar on 76% of the pages, with 22% being scrolled all the way to the bottom regardless of the length of the page. That said, it’s clear that page top is still your most valuable screen estate. –Unfolding the Fold and ClickTale Scrolling Report and Part 2
  • Usability expert Jakob Nielsen’s eye-tracking studies show that while attention is focused above the fold, people do scroll down, especially if the page is designed to encourage scrolling. – Scrolling and Attention
  • Upon reviewing the analytics data of TMZ.com, Milissa Tarquini found that the most clicked link on the homepage is at the very bottom. She also points out that polls and galleries at the bottom of AOL’s Money & Finance homepage get a lot of clicks in spite of their position. – Blasting the Myth of the Fold
  • Another eye-tracking study conducted by CX Partners confirms that people do scroll if certain design guidelines are followed. – The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing
  • Usability studies by the Software Usability Research Laboratory’s  show that users can read long, scrolling pages faster than paginated ones. Their studies confirm that people are accustomed to scrolling. – The Impact of Paging vs. Scrolling on Reading Online Text Passages
  • Jared Spool’s usability tests from 1998 tell us that, even though people say they don’t like to scroll, they are willing to do so. Moreover, longer and scrollable pages even worked better for users. – As the Page Scrolls

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